Grimguard Tactics FAQ

How to Play

Tap on the Battle play button on the bottom right of the screen when you are in town and choose a level to enter. When in combat, tap on an empty square to move your heroes and tap on enemy to attack once you are in range. Defeat all the enemies to complete the level.

How do I recruit new Heroes?

Additional heroes can be obtained through the building titled ‘Recruit’. Every day you will receive free heroes in this building as well as the option to purchase them.

How do I make my Heroes stronger?

Heroes will gain experience and grow stronger every time you successfully complete a mission with them. You will also obtain resources that you can apply to your Heroes to grow their level, upgrade their abilities, and upgrade their gear set.

Can duplicate Heroes be different from each other?

Yes, every hero will have a randomly rolled ability and perk. Additionally, heroes also have chances to have boosted stats.

How do I battle the Boss?

The campaign map is found through tapping the battle button from the town screen. Every region of the campaign map that is available has a boss meter. Once you fill up the boss meter from completing the gold nodes a mini boss node will appear. Once all mini boss battles are complete across the map the Boss battle that is located at the top center of the map will be available to play. Select the Boss battle by tapping it.

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