Alpha 19: New World Order!

March 11, 2021
Greetings goblin leaders!

We have re-ordered the world of Elderstone with new level tiles, environment art and a fresh design that we are sure you will love! The levels should now be more interesting to play on and look a whole lot better! We are excited to hear what you think about it on discord, please come and let us know! You will also discover a lot of rebalancing and of course we fixed a ton of bugs. A new trailer has also been released, which you can view YouTube - we will be working on some more as we get closer to final release.

  • New environment layouts and a full art pass for many resources and their layouts.
  • Level generation rewrite, with a focus on adding multiple good starting areas.
  • Adding in filters for rosters on building assignment, non-peons can now be moved directly between buildings.
  • Added UI hints for buildings that have production available for all their construction costs.
  • Added Draw distance and Foliage density levels into the Options/Display menu.
  • New skybox and environment look for the main game map.
  • Priests will no longer cure diseased goblins.
  • Diseases only unlock after 3 winters, a Brewery is built or Treks are unlocked.
  • Medicine is now consumed to self-medicate diseased goblins, stored on the warrens.
  • Changed cost of Medicine to 5 Berries and 2 Herbs.
  • Players are now warned of goblins loss of respect from a job change.
  • Added loose berries as clutter near berry bushes.
  • Removed Basic Tools need from Breeders and increased Berries need from 2 to 4.
  • Balanced resources (min/max spawned and max spawned nodes - overall decrease to promote trekking)
  • Added Voodoo needs for high-tier jobs and moved around some other needs for general balancing
  • Added shiny resource to vacant lands
  • Moved Cloth Need to be unlocked by Faith Hall.
  • Revised building costs for Brewery, Laboratory, and Barracks
  • Revised needs for Warrior and Scout
  • Removed Frog needs from jobs that need Voodoo.
  • Removed Shiny cost from Laboratory (Laboratory needed earlier for Medicine production)
  • Added additional hints for the loading screen.
  • Slightly increased heat radius for many buildings
  • Added in a death icon above buildings that had a goblin die whilst active there.
  • Added Firewood requirement for Pigsty and Worg Den
Bug fixes:
  • Optimizations on many of our environment assets and systems such as Snow and Billboards.
  • Major optimizations moving away from how we do the low-poly shading.
  • Goblin death messages now move the camera over to the passed goblin's corpse on click.
  • Many new tooltips updated to the new format.
  • Fixed an issue where goblins assigned to a job would change back to peons on loading a save.
  • Fix for camera sling-shoting when a building was completed.
  • Fixed focus issue after pressing enter to confirm save.
  • Fixed negative time values in baby timer widget.
  • Fix for Stockades not showing valid build area.
  • Fixing spinning rabbits.
  • Fix for Building upgrades lights/hazards/particles etc.
  • Goblins will now only idle on terrain at roughly the same elevation as their warrens
  • Deferred pathing over the tick to remove chunky framerate.
  • Updating animal HUD to show for critters.
Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn