Alpha 20: Nations of Elderstone

April 21, 2021
Greetings to all goblin leaders!

It’s finally time to test your wits against the other races of Elderstone. We have added the diplomacy feature in this update which will unlock once you discover at least one of the other NPC leaders in the world map. We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback as we balance and improve it in the future.

  • Added in Diplomacy with the other races you can discover during Treks in the world map.
  • Diplomacy allows the player to boost their trek chances by becoming enemies or allies with each settlement leader.
  • You can actively gift and compliment or insult and request favours from the other leaders.
  • Allies will trade more favourably with trade treks and be more responsive to faith pilgrimages.
  • Orc, Elven, Human and Dwarven raider units added to the game.
  • If you are not at least friendly with a leader then may send thieves to your village.
  • If you are enemies with a leader, they may send warbands to your village.
  • Have all new music and sound design for diplomacy and raids.
  • The elder resource UI had a small update to its looks.
  • Added a toggle key 'M' for swapping between world map and village.
  • Goblin movement speed is now based off what they are doing, faster work movement, slower when heading to bed etc.
  • Increased Priests Healing by 50% to help compensate the fact that they can no longer cure disease.
  • Increased crafting of Medicine so workers craft 2 medicine at a time.
  • Increased firewood delivery priority slightly in warmer seasons.
  • Moved building upgrades to unlock after you have a blacksmith and treks unlocked.
  • Updating corpse and disease tutorials.
  • Disease now unlocks after 80 Years or after 90 Population.
  • War Hall now cost Iron, Planks, and Basic Tools.
  • Faith Hall now costs Stone, Planks, and Basic Tools.
  • Scavenger job now need Basic Weapons instead of Weapons.
  • Warm Clothes need now unlocked through Pig Sty.
  • War Hall and Faith Hall now costs Iron and Stone.
  • Scavenger Hut no longer need Logs for construction.
  • Basic Weapons need now unlocked by the Scavenger Hut.
  • Weapons need now unlocked through the War Hall.
  • Cloth need now unlocked through the Scavenger Hut.
  • Tool need now unlocked through the Faith Hall.
  • Beer need now unlocked through the Blacksmith.
Bug fixes:
  • Slight adjustment to how the seasons transition and some of the coloration.
  • Fix for a crash when clicking on a work building for a goblin that died while away on a trek.
  • Fixed the Worg cave UI close button graphical issue.
  • Goblins no longer cancel attacks immediately if an enemy exits their range.
  • Projectiles have been changed to attach to their targets and move with them nicely.
  • Fixed monolith faith trek crash.
  • Updated night-time lighting to correctly use moonlight.
  • Goblins who die on treks are now removed from clans / housing correctly stopping blocking warren slots.
  • Having the Grand hall in an upgrade state will no longer block food/firewood delivery.
  • Notifications groomed and now show numbers for how many notifications are minimized.
  • Increased path finding max search nodes to stop some goblins failing their paths in new larger maps.
Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn