Alpha 21: Gods of Elderstone

June 2, 2021
The Gods have now all arrived in Elderstone!

Hi again you crazy alpha goblins!

All of the gods have finally arrived! You will now be able to pray to the gods of your pantheon and your goblins now expect their religious needs to be fulfilled by receiving blessings from the priests otherwise they will get upset and riot. Each god in your pantheon requires a temple devoted to it in order for priests to spread the blessing of that god. Do your best to please all the gods in your pantheon otherwise you might feel their wrath. We have also introduced a new unit type – champions! Some gods have champions that you can gain if you unlock that perk with enough Faith.


• Finished adding all eight of the Elderstone Gods and implemented all their spells and passive powers.
• Gods Diplomacy added which is unlocked after building a Temple or a Faith Hall.
• Goblin religious needs are now unlocked when God diplomacy is.
• Priests will now spread the word of their temples assigned God to the populous.
• Each buff offered by the different priests, give different work-related bonuses.
• Two new units added as Champions to their gods, Moonghast offering the Necromancer, and Furymane offering the Berserker.
• Necromancers can summon allied skeletal warriors.
• A Spell book is now available to view and spend Juju within.
• God Punishments/Wrath will now activate if you get too low in faith with a god.
• Faith will be generated whenever you have more than 50% of the population with a gods follower buff.
• Faith will be lost if you have less than 50% of the population with a gods follower buff.
• Faith can also be influenced through interactions in diplomacy.
• New SFX for the new gods, and god units.
• Priorities for Priest jobs can now be set from within the Temple, not just the priorities menu.
• Goblins without their religious needs met can riot.
• A drop in faith can cause your Champions to fall out of favour and lose their place at the Temple.


• Increased Resource Total for Herbs (15 -> 30).
• Reduced Herb cost for Pigs.
• Saddle need now unlocked after building the Worg Den.
• Decreased the amount of Happiness gained from Eating condition.
• Increased the amount of Happiness lost from FoodShortage condition
• Increased the amount of Aggression gained from FoodShortage condition.
• Decreased the amount of Happiness lost from Demoted condition.
• Decreased the amount of Aggression gained from Demoted condition.
• Champions get another 4 bonus stats.

Bug fixes:

• Fix for a crash when a tree is burnt down while a woodcutter was about to chop it down.
• Removed Potions from the game.
• Fixed an issue with dragging off but then replacing a God at a Temple would still damage your faith level.
• Fix for an issue with the temporary storage by the campfire hitting max capacity and removing resources.

Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn