Alpha 22: Divine Orders

July 20, 2021
Complete quests for your Gods and see how goblins complete their orders.

Hi again goblin leaders!

In this update we have made further improvements to the new gods interface and added quests that you can complete in order to gain faith with your various gods. Failing them however will also upset them of course! A major quality of life and information improvement is that you will now be able to see goblin tasks and pathing when you select a goblin or any relevant building.


• Added context sensitive overlay to show goblin paths related to a selected object.
• Gods will now issue quests if they are in good standing and have a temple assigned.
• Added a particle beam to the trader to more easily identify him.
• New fog effects for the world map locations and reveals.

• Added tooltip to stat icons on goblin party portraits in the trek parties window.
• Updated faith hall UI to show you an overview of all god relationships.
• Update so changes to the spell book will have a counter on the access button and tabs.
• Added a reveal animation for new god power accessibility.
• Updated flag placement, pantheon creation, world map selection, graveyard and resource UI.
• Added information panels for gods and regional leaders in the diplomacy screens.


• Fixed some follower conditions to be 3 years long.
• Clan optimism buff now only lasts 8 years, not permanent on founding goblins.
• Reduced Bone ingredient for Voodoo from 2 to 1.
• Removed Voodoo need from some goblin jobs (only Shaman, Necromancer, and Council members have this luxurious need).

Bug fixes:

• Fixed enforcers dealing out capital punishment.
• Fix for flickering tool for blacksmith and iron/stone mine workers.
• Fix for priests clearing corpses but not delivering them to the temple if it was in use by another priest.
• Added the riot food shortage and riot no warrens actions to the king's action lists as they were missing.
• Increased movement speed of rioting goblins so they don't stalk their targets round the village forever.
• Riot cancel status fixed, should no long have the riot conditions outside performing the action.
• Riot steal item fixed, was not activating correctly.
• Increased rioting move speed.
• Fix for overlapping lighting with some of our 3D UI instances.

Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn