Alpha 23: Heroes of Elderstone

October 4, 2021
The new Tavern building hosts the mighty Heroes of Elderstone, waiting to be hired to lead your next glorious Trek Party.

Hello Heroes!

The day has finally arrived where all the heroes of Elderstone can gather at your local Tavern, ready to be hired for your grand adventures and raids! These heroes are very special – some of them are designed by our very special Kickstarter backers and we also have the very first goblin adventuring party from the Goblins Comic! Please check out the web comic if you don’t already know about it. One of the heroes is even from a Novel loosely set in an alternative version of Elderstone written by our resident goblin writer - go and read Stormbane!

This has been another monumental update bringing us so much closer to Beta. We have made tons of improvements to all the systems and fixed many bugs but are most excited about the new Tavern building where you can hire these new heroes.

We hope you love this update and please come let us know what you think on Discord.

Thanks again for your support, we couldn’t do this without you!


• Added 7 new Kickstarter Backer heroes, 4 Goblin Adventure Party Comic heroes, and 6 other heroes to the game.
• These heroes can be hired from the new Tavern building and will stay with you for several years.
• You can hire up to 6 heroes at a time.
• Heroes that do not get their contracts renewed will leave the village.
• Every Summer, the list of available heroes to hire at the Tavern will be renewed.
• Heroes can help defend the village and can provide powerful bonuses to a trek when assigned as their party's leader.
• If your Tavern gets destroyed, your heroes will stay if you rebuild the Tavern, and their contracts are still active.
• Added in new goblin traits Insomniac, Immune, Pious, Strong, Savage, Hot-Blooded, Hippie and Speedy.
• Added a Satisfaction meter for goblins which helps you see their overall state based on their current moods.
• You can now click on the village Happiness meter on the HUD to display an overview and breakdown of the satisfactions for each of your goblins.
• Riots now only occur when a goblin’s satisfaction is below a specific threshold.
• Added a warning system for conditions and needs affecting percentages of the village population as a new HUD element.
• Warnings can be clicked to lead a player to which goblins are affected, which buildings can fix that warning, or what building needs to be built.
• Added dissatisfied notification to warn players when goblins have hit their riot threshold.
• Updated game start cave scene.
• Added resolution render scale in the options menu.
• Mood bars in the goblin stats window now animate depending on whether increasing or decreasing.
• Related buildings now show Efficiency for the building as a whole and the individual goblins that work there.
• Crafting animation speed is now based on a goblin’s Efficiency.
• When a construction site is missing resources, the game will now inform the player by displaying a message in the log window every so often.
• Log messages regarding a missing resource for a construction can be clicked to lead players to the required building that provides that resource (either its construction site or in the building menu).
• Added additional tooltips on Clan Creation screen and the Spellbook.


• Gods not assigned to a Temple can no longer be interacted with in the Pantheon screen.
• Revised stats for Warrior, Scout, Town Watch, and Guard.
• Juju gained from Holy Treks are no longer proportional to the player's current amount.
• Revised how resources are rolled when performing a Scout or Raid trek so that they are based on the resources’ value.
• Increased resource capacity for Storage and Upgraded Storage.
• Revised Gold values for some resources in the Merchant feature.
• Reduced the decrease amount for Happiness on Exhausted and Tired conditions.
• Decreased success chance for Praying to gods in the Pantheon screen.

Bug fixes:

• Enforcers will no longer cause damage to rioting goblins when arresting.
• Death message about eating will no longer occur.
• Can no longer re-raid a location through the Diplomacy screen loop.
• Fix so that if the Trade Prince is on a trek or sleeping the spring trader still visits.
• Fix for skeleton spawning to no longer slide while doing their spawn animation from below ground.
• Fixing weaver work animation never playing.
• Visual improvements to path rendering.
• No longer throttling character movement components tick rate, as this can cause them to walk off the nav mesh.
• Fix for some buggy UI animation states with Notifications.
• Improving CPU performance for large villages.

Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn