Alpha 24: Gobs of War

November 24, 2021
Trek UI changes and the Warhall now has options to define some of your defensive tactics in the village.

"Hail Warchiefs!

With this update we finally bring you Warhall priorities to help defend against your many enemies. This release also has many balance changes and the usual swath of UI improvements and bug fixes. You will find that the game pace is a bit slower and more controlled now – as we have added features over the last months and years the game has increased in complexity and the pace of the game that it had when it was still early in development no longer makes sense when you have all these new spinning plates with dozens of goblins running amok! We look forward to your feedback on these changes, so please come join us on discord and let us know what you think.


• Gods will now awaken the need for worship sequentially, after reaching certain population thresholds, goblins in the village will gain a need for the next god.
• The Trek UI has had a full overhaul and rework.
• The Warhall now has strategies that can be used around changing the behavior of goblins during combat. Vigilance greatly increases all goblins’ vision, Cautious stops goblins from straying too far out of the village and Bloodthirsty changes targeting priorities from closest to lowest health enemies.
• Placing down buildings will now highlight their relevant resources if they are a resource gathering type building, or any threats on the map if they are a defensive building.

• Needs wheel, temples, spell book, and diplomacy screens have been updated to show the gods as they awaken in different stages from dormancy.
• Region map now has icons for settlements with an active diplomat that takes you to their Diplomacy screen.
• Trek UI has been updated across the board, with animations for the results screen to allow the player to see what changed during their trek more easily.
• New notification categories, with some new notifications for the king assignment and gods awakening.


• Revised breeding curves to decrease the frequency of new goblins being born.
• The number of resources delivered to meet a goblin’s needs is now a 1:1 ratio—it matches the amount needed instead of it being based on the expected duration of use.
• Revised building construction costs.
• Revised goblin food need amounts.
• Decreased total resources available on most resource nodes.
• Decreased maximum resource nodes spawned for trees.
• Increased min/max number of resource nodes spawned for elder resources.
• Decreased base carry amounts for basic resources.
• Revised trek success chances.

Bug fixes:

• Sound levels should always be adjustable from the options menu now.
• Town watch will now try to work in shifts to avoid leaving their post unguarded.
• Fixed visual bug with trek success chances.

Thanks for reading!
Team Outerdawn